Stories from Seattle: Why Timber is the Future


Timber Offsite Construction Conference & Exhibition

Melbourne, Australia


Craig Curtis

Date & Time:

09.11.2023 | 9:00 am–10:30 am

There is a growing body of research studying buildings that embrace nature, through daylight and views as well as the incorporation of natural materials such as wood. The data captured from this research demonstrates the myriad reasons why it is beneficial to build with mass timber.

Join Mithun partner Craig Curtis for “Stories from Seattle: Why Timber is the Future” to explore the benefits of biophilia related to human well-being, productivity and community, as well as notable projects from the Pacific Northwest. He will share multiple mass timber commercial office projects currently underway, as well as data collected from Mithun’s Building Better Schools research on biophilic classroom environments that supports how student performance and physiological health may be positively impacted when surrounded by natural materials, such as wood. This research has led to the development of a mass timber kit-of-parts platform for the design and construction of K-6 schools, and active projects utilizing this building platform.

Additional presenters participating in “The Sustainable Future with Timber” morning session include Build by Nature CEO Amanda Sturgeon and Grange Development managing director James Dibble. John Simon, past chair of Forest and Wood Products Australia, will moderate the session.

Date Posted: 09.10.2023