A Mass Timber Platform Approach to Building Better Schools


IWBC at Greenbuild

Washington, DC


Craig Curtis

Date & Time:

09.28.2023 | 8:00 am–9:00 am

A new body of research is proving the value of building schools with mass timber, including reduced anxiety, increased creativity, and improved test scores. Building upon this exciting research, Mithun has developed an open-source kit-of-parts mass timber building platform specifically for elementary schools.

Join Mithun partner Craig Curtis for “A Mass Timber Platform Approach to Building Better Schools” to learn about the Building Better Schools research and mass timber platform, as well as two K-12 school projects currently using the approach.

Craig’s presentation falls within the “Productized Buildings with Mass Timber” track, along with an affordable housing session by Element5 sales manager Lee Scott and Edge Architects founding partner Matt Bolen. Dave Cooper will moderate shared discussion.

Date Posted: 09.28.2023