When Communities are Patrons of Design


ASLA 2023 Conference on Landscape Architecture

Minneapolis, MN


Debra Guenther

Date & Time:

10.30.2023 | 9:00 am–10:30 am

Landscape architects help communities visualize and plan for climate adaptation and resilience. What are practical ways designers can work with communities to secure resources that benefit the people in those neighborhoods? What are the expectations, risks, and return-on-investment factors shifting conventional practice toward relational work?

Join Mithun partner Deb Guenther for “When Communities are Patrons of Design” to explore climate adaptation case studies, learn about accessing government and private funds for local climate resilience, and network to advance community-focused design and social justice efforts. Deb’s co-presenters are Kresge Foundation program officer Alexa Bush and Phronesis co-founder Tim Duggan.

Date Posted: 10.30.2023