Keynote: Louisiana Children’s Museum



New Orleans, LA


Richard Franko

Date & Time:

01.04.2024 | 4:00 pm–7:30 pm

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Louisiana Children’s Museum (LCM) re-envisioned its mission to holistically address the health and development of children in a state that often ranks low in educational outcomes. The health and well-being benefits of intentionally connecting children with nature led the museum to relocate from an indoor-focused experience in New Orleans’ Warehouse District to a new campus encircling a lagoon in the 1,300-acre City Park. The new campus presents a transformative model for children’s museums, one that weaves together indoor and outdoor learning opportunities along with literacy, parenting, early childhood research and environmental education activities to create a holistic and supportive environment for children and their families. Mithun was awarded a 2022 AIA COTE Top Ten Plus Award for the design of the Museum.

Join Mithun partner Rich Franko and LCM CEO Tifferney M. White for the opening keynote of FORUM 2024: NOLA. They will share diverse perspectives about the innovative design and programs of Louisiana Children’s Museum, from the early vision through today.

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Date Posted: 01.04.2024