Designing Beyond the Binary to Foster Belonging


SCUP Pacific Regional Conference

Seattle, WA


Elizabeth MacPherson Hearn, K Kaczmarek

Date & Time:

03.19.2024 | 3:40 pm–4:40 pm

In contemporary educational environments, the student body consists of diverse gender identities. Designing spaces with gender equity in mind supports marginalized communities and ensures the campus remains adaptable. The session will explore strategies for fostering belonging and well-being across a spectrum of gender identities, along with practical design tips to create inclusive environments in campus housing, restrooms and gathering spaces.

Join Mithun partner Elizabeth Hearn and associate K Kaczmarek for “Designing Beyond the Binary to Foster Belonging” to become empowered to advocate for inclusive environments, programs and services that foster the belonging of LGBTQIA+ students. The presentation will feature findings from the Designing Beyond the Binary R+D study and project examples including UC Irvine Mesa Court Expansion to share inclusive practices and practical insights for a range of settings.

Additional presenters include UC Irvine senior director of student housing facilities operation and capital projects Melissa Falkenstien and UC Irvine senior director of graduate and family housing residential life Jennifer Nelson Martinez.

Date Posted: 03.19.2024