Healthy Designs for Healthy Minds



Atlanta, GA


Erin Ishizaki and Elizabeth MacPherson

Date & Time:

11.22.2019 | 10:00 am–11:30 am

Design of spaces, both inside and outside, plays an essential role in easing the loneliness crisis—one of the most urgent, indiscriminate and costly issues of our time. It impacts graduation rates for youth, can help employee engagement, support thriving retail and even improve quality of life for seniors at risk of social isolation.

Join Mithun partners Erin Ishizaki and Elizabeth MacPherson at Greenbuild for “Healthy Designs for Healthy Minds” to explore how design can proactively foster a healthy mind by encouraging inclusion, social relationships and freedom of choice. The session will share innovative ideas to transform real estate into assets for social connections in the home, at work and in our third places. Learn how to put new research to work in the integrative design process—using various methods including collaborating with healthcare professionals, using design analytics, pre- and post-occupancy evaluations, and the Gehl Institute’s Public Life Toolkit—to improve every day experiences and quality of life. In addition, case studies ranging in scale from district redevelopment to architecture and interior design offer real-world insights from Denver, Irvine, Seattle and Atlanta.

Where and how we spend our time shapes us, from social mixing with ‘familiar strangers’ in diverse populations, to inclusive common spaces at school and work, to creating community at the gym. A discussion of the behavioral and mental health benefits of research-based design decisions that consider spatial configurations, materiality and design details in our built environment will demonstrate how we can choose to intentionally address healthy minds and a supportive environment to benefit all.

Erin’s and Elizabeth’s co-presenters are Cognitive Design founder Matthew Finn and Georgia Institute of Technology associate professor Nisha Botchwey.

Date Posted: 11.21.2019