Buildings as Platforms: A Technology-Driven Approach to Design for the Future


SMPS: A/E/C Momentum

Online Event


Craig Curtis

Date & Time:

01.28.2021 | 11:00 am–12:00 pm (Eastern Time)

Hosted by the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), this one-day virtual symposium for principals and senior executives looks at what’s next in four key areas: Resilience, Impact, Strength and Equity. Mithun partner Craig Curtis will present the opening keynote, “Buildings as Platforms: A Technology-Driven Approach to Design for the Future.” The growing interest in offsite construction and mass timber has promise to lead the industry to a long overdue increase in productivity. To tackle our biggest challenges, namely middle-income housing and climate change, we need to change the way we design and build. Rethinking buildings as platforms has promise to make a difference at scale.

In following sessions, leaders from the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry will share success stories within business continuity and the economy; discuss the impact of brand resilience within marketing and business development; share insights on the impact of diversity, equity and inclusion on the workforce; and set the forecast for the industries. Click here to register and explore the symposium agenda:

Date Posted: 01.28.2021