Outside Architects: Immigrants in the Context of JEDI Initiatives


AIA Seattle’s Seattle International Architecture Forum

Online Event


Anne Torney

Date & Time:

03.04.2021 | 5:00 pm–6:30 pm (Pacific Time)

Given the current political and cultural climate in our country, matters of racial justice have taken on a new urgency. In response, many architecture firms in Seattle and the nation have taken a proactive approach to issues of justice, equality, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) within their firms and our profession. This event will focus on the role of immigrant architects within the context of these discussions.

Join Mithun partner and JEDI Working Group member Anne Torney for “Outside Architects: Immigrants in the Context of JEDI Initiatives” to explore this topic both through the lens of corporate policy, as well as from the perspective of the immigrant experience.

Anne will be joined by fellow panelists Veronicah M. Munyao, AIA Seattle SIAF co-chair; Alex Rolluda, president of Rolluda Architects; and Crystal Day, project architect at NBBJ. The panel consists of leaders who “walk the talk” incorporating principles of racial justice into their practice and business models, as well as activists advocating for change in their workplace and in organizations like NOMA and the AIA. The discussion will also be informed by the personal migration background of several of the panelists.

Date Posted: 03.04.2021