Team Up: Setting, Managing and Achieving Your Healthier Materials Goals


Living Future 2021

Online Event


Dustann Jones

Date & Time:

04.20.2021 | 1:00 pm–1:45 pm (Pacific Time)

Successfully pursuing the Living Building Challenge (LBC) Materials Petal requires planning, know-how and team coordination from start to finish. For the uninitiated, the gap between taking on your first project and the ones that follow can seem like the difference between inventing a bicycle and riding one. For experienced Materials Petal teams, this session will draw on the collective wisdom Integrated Eco Strategy has gathered from involvement with more than 50 LBC projects.

Join Mithun senior associate Dustann Jones for “Team Up: Setting, Managing and Achieving Your Healthier Materials Goals” to gain insights into healthy materials and the LBC petal process. Dustann’s co-presenters include Williams College Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives assistant director Mike Evans, ZGF sustainable materials leader Lona Rerick, and Integrated Eco Strategy/Red2Green principal Charley Stevenson and senior sustainability analyst Lisa Carey-Moore.

Date Posted: 04.20.2021