Shelter: Design for Everyone


AIA East Bay Chapter

Online Event


Anne Torney

Date & Time:

08.14.2021 | 10:00 am–11:30 am (Pacific Time)

Leveraging digital capabilities to tour remote locations, the AIA East Bay Chapter (AIA EB) has assembled an impressively varied selection of residential projects for this year’s all-virtual, month-long focus on shelter. All but one of the included events are online, enabling broad engagement with a global audience and celebrating the diverse places that we call home.

Join Mithun partner Anne Torney for a virtual tour of Liberty Bank Building as part of “Shelter: Design for Everyone” Home Tours Session I. This mixed-use affordable housing project builds upon the legacy of Liberty Bank, the first African-American-owned bank in the Pacific Northwest established in response to redlining and disinvestment in Central Seattle. Inspired by Afrocentric design principles, the building facade’s patterns and bold colors reflect the way individual stories form a collective expression.

Additional homes featured in the presentation include a multi-faith tiny-home village in Oakland, CA; adaptive reuse of a block of chocolate factory buildings to form a mixed-use community in Oslo, Norway; a high-performance home incorporating Passive House principles in Santa Fe, NM; and an accessory dwelling unit designed to accommodate a grandmother into a multi-generational family in Oakland, CA.

Date Posted: 08.14.2021