Modular Mass Timber Housing


TallWood Design Institute Mass Timber Meetup

Online Event


Joe Swain and Rachel Himes

Date & Time:

09.09.2021 | 4:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Today, some of the biggest challenges we face include the global housing crisis and climate change. Through strategic land use and housing density to limit sprawl and deforestation, there is opportunity to make a difference.

Join Mithun’s Joe Swain and Rachel Himes to explore how “Modular Mass Timber Housing” addresses the challenges and opportunity by utilizing local, sustainable material and innovative construction technologies as a foundation for attainable housing in Washington state. The session will highlight the highly integrated approach to design and delivery used with Forterra on a modular prototype, Wadajir multifamily housing and Darrington Wood Innovation Center.

Co-presenting this session is Ilana Danzig from Aspect Structural Engineers. Mass Timber Meetups are hosted by the Tallwood Design Institute, a partnership between Oregon State University and University of Oregon.

Date Posted: 09.09.2021