Beyond the Building: Real Estate Strategies for the Social Equity Imperative


ULI Fall Meeting

Chicago, IL and Online


Anne Torney

Date & Time:

10.14.2021 | 10:30 pm–11:30 pm (Central Time)

Real estate practitioners are increasingly making the shift from caring and learning about social equity and racial justice to having those values inform—and transform—their professional practice. In the process, they are redefining what it means for real estate to be “high performing.” While social impact has long been considered part of the “triple bottom line,” broader community health and social equity goals have not been consistently adopted or considered. But this is changing. Social equity is becoming more and more of a business imperative.

Join Mithun partner Anne Torney for “Beyond the Building: Real Estate Strategies for the Social Equity Imperative” to hear from real estate developers, owners and designers about their health, social equity and racial justice journeys, and how they are translating their personal values into their professional practice. As the industry crafts its “next normal,” real estate leaders have a tremendous opportunity to look “beyond the building” to center equity, inclusion and community well-being during every step of the development process.

Anne’s co-presenters are Mariela Alfonzo of State of Place/NYU, Melanie Brown of Restoration 52 LLC, Lynn Jerath of Citrine Investment Group, Sam Ruben of Mighty Buildings, Inc. and Feliciano Vera of CPLC California. Discussion will be moderated by Juanita Hardy of Tiger Management Consulting Group LLC.

Date Posted: 10.14.2021