NOMA NW Call-to-Action: Creating Meaningful Change in our Industry


NOMA Conference

Portland, OR and virtual access


Iveanette Santiago Rivera and Michael Bryant

Date & Time:

10.13.2023 | 2:45 pm–4:00 pm Pacific Time

In 2020, following the unjust murder of George Floyd, NOMA NW set forth to create a framework that would help lay the foundation for a truly unified and anti-racist AEC and design community in the Pacific Northwest. This framework was their Call-to-Action (CTA), a voluntary and aspirational effort for AEC firms to challenge themselves to change their current practices around supporting, recruiting, retaining, and promoting BIPOC professionals and support staff. The CTA officially ended at the start of this year with the hopes that firms would continue on the work themselves. NOMA NW analyzed the CTA results and assembled the data to show the progress of Pacific Northwest firms over the past two years.

Mithun senior associate and NOMA NW past board member Michael Bryant will join with NOMA PDX board member Lisa Sato and NOMA NW president Leon M Holloway to share the CTA’s impact on the AEC community, focusing on results and successes, challenges, lessons learned and advice for individuals or firms looking to implement a similar program.

That presentation will be followed by a short discussion with firms that participated in the CTA, exploring what their experience was like, how they improved, and what their continuing efforts will be to better support the BIPOC professionals and community and become a better co-conspirator. Mithun associate principal Iveanette Santiago Rivera will discuss Mithun’s justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) Working Group and experience with the NOMA NW CTA. Miller Hull managing partner Rob Misel will share additional perspective based on their practice experience.

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Date Posted: 10.13.2023