Spiritual Anchor

Jesuit High School Chapel of the North American Martyrs

Sacramento, CA

Welcoming Presence

The Chapel’s strong yet simple geometry, enduring materials, and soaring ceilings provide a spiritual anchor for the Jesuit High School campus. An iconic structure greeting students on their daily arrival, it is a welcoming presence when approached from main campus and a visible landmark to the surrounding community.

Thoughtful Dialogue

An immersion in the Catholic liturgy formed the foundation for in-depth conversations with school staff, students and administration, leading to a modern interpretation of medieval spaces and icons. After an administrative change prompted a profound revision of the initial concept, the design was revised to emphasize acoustic excellence, the play of light and an expansive liturgical space.

Shared Devotion

Arcs, axes, and alignments create a subtle yet inevitable path towards the sanctuary and, from there, towards the altar. The sanctuary is sized to accommodate school services and ceremonial occasions while a smaller devotional shrine to the Lady Mary allows for individual prayer, contemplation and group devotion.

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