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Robertson Lane

Los Angeles, CA

An Urban Vision

This project began with an urban vision to take advantage of the underutilized assets of the development site and its surroundings. The design reorganizes pedestrian access to the Design District, reactivates shopping and leisure corridors, and enhances circulation.

Layers of Experience

At the street level, the building presents a continuous village-like retail frontage. Grand stairs from below-grade parking bring guests directly to the Lane’s diverse shops and restaurants, as well as walking access to the broader neighborhood. On the upper levels, the building features outdoor dining, hospitality spaces and a ballroom specifically oriented to the surrounding Design District.

Community Connectivity

Robertson Lane breaks apart the monotony of the vehicular grid by opening a mid-block pedestrian passageway that strengthens connection across West Hollywood and brings new energy to existing businesses. An adjacent community park, currently being redeveloped, will be transformed into connective tissue for the neighborhood.

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