Landmark Library, Reinvented

Seattle University Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons

Seattle, WA

New Life for a Landmark

Built in 1964, Lemieux Library was an uninviting repository for books that lacked modern technology and functionality. The design reinvents this campus landmark by pairing a sensitive renewal of the historic structure with the addition of a light-filled learning commons, restoring the library’s central role on campus. 

A Learning Commons for All

The three-story glass and brick addition contains a spectrum of quiet and active learning spaces tuned to support diverse individual work styles and group needs. Students, faculty and surrounding neighbors fill the technology-rich building from early morning until late night – demonstrating the university’s commitment to learning and community.

Enhanced Campus Experience

The learning commons enhances connections between the library and adjacent buildings, improving pedestrian flow and defining a new plaza at the center of campus. With its impressive art collection and visible sustainability, the building enriches the campus experience.

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