A Center of Community

Yesler Community Center

Seattle, WA

Legacy of Firsts

As the first public housing development in Washington, and the first racially integrated housing development in the country, Yesler Terrace has a rich history. As a pioneer project ahead of the larger neighborhood redevelopment, Yesler Community Center celebrates this history and provides a welcoming environment for gathering and enrichment.

Foundation for the Future

The center offers local residents a renewed sense of community, strengthened by shared ties to the city and the environment. The building is an important resource center and anchor through a period of change as redevelopment occurs throughout the surrounding neighborhood.

Supporting Community

Yesler Community Center provides a safe haven of activities and educational programs – from athletics to arts, daycare and computers – for a vibrant and diverse population. It was the first LEED® Gold certified community center in Seattle, and features innovative daylight harvesting and energy performance strategies.

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