Mithun, Inc. Disclaimer

Any information contained in these electronic files is for informational purposes only. Recipient acknowledges that the information contained herein may either be in draft form or may be revised at any time. Accordingly, Mithun, Inc. makes no representations as to the accuracy of this information. If for any reason a conflict exists between information contained herein and the stamped, signed documents, the information on the signed documents is to be interpreted as correct.

All information contained in this electronic data prepared by Mithun, Inc. as instruments of service are the property of Mithun, Inc., which expressly reserves all ownership rights including any common law, statutory or copyrights. This electronic data is intended for use on this project only and shall not be used or relied upon in part or in whole, for any future work on the same building(s) or site(s) or for any other project. The recipient of this information shall not copy, use or modify this information without the prior written authorization of Mithun, Inc. The drawings and/or data contained herein conform to Mithun, Inc.’s standard specification for software and file format. Mithun, Inc. will review any request for providing data in a different file format(s) if such a request is made in writing by the original recipient. Such a request may be considered to be a change in services.

The recipient agrees, to the fullest extent permitted by law, to defend, indemnify, and hold Mithun, Inc. harmless from and against any claim, liability or cost (including attorney’s fees and defense costs, whether or not a suit is filed) arising or allegedly arising out of any unauthorized use, reuse or modification or in any way connected with, the incompatibility, readability, or durability of the information contained herein by the recipient or any person or entity that acquires or obtains this information thereon from the recipient without written authorization from Mithun, Inc. This agreement to defend, indemnify and hold Mithun, Inc. harmless also applies to the use of this information on any project or construction site without the involvement of Mithun, Inc. in the construction phase services normally associated with such a project.

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