The Joys and Fears of Operating a Sustainable Campus


SCUP Pacific Regional Conference

Los Angeles, CA


Sandy Mendler

Date & Time:

04.10.2018 | 9:45 am – 10:45 am

Sustainability requires a holistic approach to building a new economy and society compatible with Earth’s resources. Challenging how we live, it demands a pedagogy that goes way beyond the classroom. “The Joys and Fears of Operating a Sustainable Campus” at the SCUP Pacific Regional Conference will explore Chatham University’s Eden Hall Campus, an immersive living and learning environment, and reflect on the functional, pedagogical and social challenges and successes of the first two years of operation.

Join Mithun principal Sandy Mendler and Peter Walker, Dean of the Falk School of Sustainability at Chatham University, as they share their experiences moving from conception to a fully-built out functional campus. The session will also include post-occupancy data and insight into the student response to this innovative new campus.

Date Posted: 04.10.2018