A Living Treehouse in Rural West Virginia

Date Posted: 09.29.2014

Green Building and Design Magazine

It is an icon of camp adventure, environmental stewardship and building innovation. It is more than just a Treehouse—it is an immersive experience.

Located in the forest of Summit Bechtel Reserve, the Sustainability Treehouse was built for the Boys Scouts of America’s annual Jamboree. It serves as a place for environmental education while capturing the imagination of childhood exploration.

“We designed the Treehouse to provide visitors with tangible lessons of sustainable design that would inform their future actions and leave them with a strong connection to this amazing place,” says project designer Brendan Connolly, a partner at Mithun.

Read the recent feature article in Green Building and Design Magazine for detailed description of the innovative structure, educational mission and collaborative design process. The Treehouse is on target for meeting the Living Building Challenge and was honored with a 2014 AIA COTE Top Ten Green Project Award.