Living Building in the Trees

Sustainability Treehouse

Mount Hope, WV

Forest Immersion

Situated in the forested slopes of the Summit Bechtel Reserve, this interpretive educational facility is a unique icon of environmental stewardship that redefines the relationship between building and landscape. The vertical design minimizes site disturbance, and is inspired by the region’s historic industrial structures and Scouting traditions of pioneering engineering.

Choreographed Experience

The towering 125-foot steel frame connects visitors with panoramic views of the ground, tree canopy and sky. Ascending indoor and outdoor platforms, visitors learn about sustainable design and ecology through immersive experiences and hands-on exhibits.

Ripples in the Pond

The net-zero energy and net-zero water facility reveals the implication of daily resource use through interactive building systems – photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, and a water collection and filtration system. At each step, it captures the wonder of childhood adventure and challenges visitors to apply meaningful stewardship ideals in their own lives.

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