Demographic Trends Shaping New Developments

Date Posted: 01.08.2016

With millennials currently outnumbering the number of baby boomers in the US, studies are showing that major cities of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas are growing faster than their combined suburbs. “Demographic trends are attracting people back to the city after decades of preference for suburbs,” says Mithun’s Anne Torney, in Real Estate Forum regarding how these trends are shaping new buildings and developments.

People are desiring to live and work in an urban, accessible location, close to transit, retail, restaurants and entertainment. However, as this movement gains momentum, the story is mixed in terms of how well it’s being accommodated, and how it’s contributing to a thriving, healthy economy and community. Although rapid employment and population growth continues to strain San Francisco’s capacity, the city continues to attract new developments such as Hunters View, a diverse community incorporating public housing, new affordable rental units, market rate units, retail and community amenities.

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