Neighborhood Transformation

Hunters View Master Plan

San Francisco, CA

From Isolation to Integration

The master plan transforms Hunters View from an isolated and dangerous public housing site to a walkable and safe new community. The reconstruction was informed by outreach to current residents and San Francisco’s distinctive patterns: connected streets, buildings with frequent entrances that step with the hills, and hilltop parks with spectacular views. 

Health and Sustainability

Phasing permitted all residents to remain on-site during construction. Public housing units have been replaced and interwoven with additional affordable and market rate housing. The new neighborhood includes integrated stormwater management, renewable energy, efficient use of resources and healthy buildings.

A New Future

Hunters View is now an emerging neighborhood of small blocks lined with dense but carefully articulated buildings cascading over the hills. Residents enjoy new community facilities fronting a handsome park with views of downtown, and walkable streets with safe pedestrian connections to shopping, schools and transit.

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