Place-making at the Intersection of Architecture, Landscape, Ecology and Culture


Association of Professional Landscape Designers' Design Symposium

Seattle, WA


Susan Olmsted

Date & Time:

02.26.2016 | 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

This year’s Association of Professional Landscape Designers’ Design Symposium will focus on two topics: the underlying patterns of behavior and form that shape our collective experience in the landscape; and the intersection of architecture and landscape architecture, the symbiotic nature of these professions, and best practices for working together.

In this session, Mithun’s Susan Olmsted will explore the philosophy and process of integrated design through the lens of several case study projects from the ‘natural’ environment to the urban condition. These projects, including Sustainability Treehouse, underscore the position that thoughtful relationships between landscape and architecture are not only a matter of design language, but also a requisite for living in a healthy, sustainable world.


Date Posted: 03.03.2016