Micro to Macro: Campus Sustainability from the Ground Up


SCUP Annual International Conference

Vancouver, BC


Sandy Mendler

Date & Time:

07.13.2016 | 8:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Large scale, multi-asset sustainability projects can reduce lifecycle costs and demonstrate an institution’s values. This panel will explore the deep-green, whole-campus models designed for Chatham University and University of California-Merced that integrated buildings, site and infrastructure to meet ambitious sustainability goals. These models also created health and wellness benefits, better partnerships, and innovative curricula and programming that boosted the bottom line.

Join Mithun’s Sandy Mendler for “Micro to Macro: Campus Sustainability from the Ground Up” at SCUP’s Annual International Conference. She will be joined by Richard A. Cummings, Principal Planner at the University of California-Merced and Walter B. Fowler, Vice President, Finance and Administration at Chatham University

Date Posted: 07.13.2016