Passive House for Multifamily: Achievable Solutions, Effective Results


Texas Wood Design Solutions

Dallas, TX


Mike Fowler

Date & Time:

04.18.2019 | 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

When many building owners, contractors and other design and construction professionals hear the term “passive house,” they think of increased construction costs. However, examples exist to demonstrate that passive house wood-frame multifamily projects can be just as affordable as similar non-passive house projects, while providing enhanced occupant comfort and reducing energy use.

Join Mithun senior associate Mike Fowler for “Passive House for Multifamily: Achievable Solutions, Effective Results” for insights gained from passive house design and jurisdictional support efforts in the Pacific Northwest. This presentation will explore the perceived value/risk dynamic of passive house; introduce design strategies centered around core principles such as air tightness, thermal bridge free insulation and ventilation; and highlight examples of cost effectiveness and energy use trends in completed wood-frame, multifamily passive house projects.

Date Posted: 04.18.2019