De-Mystifying Construction Types


Non-Profit Housing Association of Northern California Emerging Leaders Peer Network

Online Event


Dioni Rey and Kristen Belt

Date & Time:

03.10.2021 | 12:00 pm–1:15 pm (Pacific Time)

Construction type is one of the most complex pieces of the development puzzle. It’s the place where zoning codes, building codes, state legislation, site conditions, local labor availability and material costs all come together. It’s a constantly changing formula, and choosing the right type can sometimes feel like playing the lottery.

Join Mithun architects Dioni Rey and Kristen Belt for “De-mystifying Construction” to explore and better understand the art of selecting construction types. The session will provide an overview of types, share “rules of thumb” for selection, and reveal recent innovation that is changing the way we think about construction type selection.

Dioni will be co-presenting with David Mar of Mar Structural Design. Kristen will moderate the discussion.

Date Posted: 03.10.2021