Pathways to Limiting Embodied Carbon in Concrete


Net Zero Conference 2021

Los Angeles, CA and Online Event


Logan Kelley

Date & Time:

09.14.2021 | 1:00 pm–2:00 pm (Pacific Time)

Join Mithun architect Logan Kelley for “Pathways to Limiting Embodied Carbon in Concrete” to explore emerging paths to achieve lower embodied carbon and global warming potential in concrete. Leveraging the perspectives of a policymaker, an engineer, a concrete supply specialist and an architect, the wide-ranging panel discussion will feature insights from The Bay Area Built Environment Embodied Emissions Project, which aims to reduce embodied emissions by creating local specifications and model policies for low embodied-carbon concrete; lessons learned from Casa Adelante at 681 Florida, a 9-story, Type IB concrete affordable housing building that offered subcontractors latitude to meet carbon goals; and technical insights into the parameters and constraints of concrete add-mixtures, mix design and global warming potential.

Logan’s co-presenters include Frances Yang of Arup, Miya Kitahara of StopWaste and Juan Gonzalez of U.S. Concrete.

Date Posted: 09.14.2021