Team Anywhere: Atlassian Explores New Ways of Working in the Hybrid World

Date Posted: 11.18.2022

By Elizabeth Gordon, Lisa Scribante

In the wake of the pandemic, Atlassian is embracing what could be the new norm, the office as a cultural hub. A global company that creates collaboration software, Atlassian’s culture is rooted in connection across borders and work modes. Committed to a hybrid work model and with a work force across the globe, the company prioritized social connection in their new workspace. The design of their new 157,000 sf office in Austin is people-centered, with spaces that support both in-person and hybrid collaboration and engaging amenity spaces that encourage employees to connect face-to-face.

The central circulation ‘slot’ of the building features a traversing stair with vibrant tea points and custom art murals that give unique character to each floor and aid in wayfinding.

Building Social Capital
The office is organized around a social spine on each level which features a co-working lounge, sculptural stair and amenity spaces that encourage chance encounters. Team neighborhoods flank this spine, giving a variety of environments for employees to work and connect. Wellness and mental health were a primary consideration—biophilic design principles and bold, happy colors were woven throughout the design to help lower stress and boost mood.

A hidden door in the game room bookcase leads to a secret, Texas-themed bar.

Amenity spaces include a music-inspired coffee shop, a work café, a large living room space with a stage for events and co-working, a workshop space with large training rooms, flexible conference rooms and breakout zones for small group collaboration. Employees can take a break at the indoor-outdoor happy hour space featuring a secret Texas-themed bar accessed through a hidden bookcase door or take a fitness class from a local instructor in the wellness room. Individual all-gender restrooms provide privacy and offer an equitable experience for all. Lush exterior patios and a shaded, plant-filled rooftop provide access to fresh air and help promote movement throughout the day.

Open team spaces are designed for collaboration, incorporating flexible furniture, a variety of work postures and seating groups, as well as sliding whiteboards and curtains that maximize adaptability.

Choose Your Own Adventure
With many team members working two to three days a week from home, a physical desk for every person at the office was no longer a necessity. Most workers envision doing focus work at home and coming to the office to collaborate. This shift in workplace culture inspired a reimagining of the pre-pandemic workspace model. Before, open spaces were filled with workstations for individual focus, and enclosed conference rooms were designed for team collaboration. In Atlassian’s new model, open spaces cater to collaboration instead, incorporating flexibility through moveable furniture and a variety of postures. Technology allows remote workers to stay connected with colleagues in the office, and sliding whiteboards and curtains divide spaces to enable multiple simultaneous collaborations. Numerous focus rooms are provided for individual heads-down work or acoustical privacy. The wide spectrum of flexible workspaces, adaptable collaboration areas and focus rooms empower workers to curate their own day-to-day journey.

Celebrating Identities through Art
To honor local Austin culture, the design incorporates art, furniture and accessories from local artists and creators. Large-scale custom art murals are integrated on each level—creating a unique vibe and assisting in wayfinding. Custom bottle chandeliers and installation were crafted by a local maker and welcome employees and guests in the lobby, honoring the local Austin scene by abstracting “Texas bottle trees” into a new art form. The café and kitchen spaces feature handcrafted clay tiles from a local tile company. The central core of the interior includes pegboard walls and shelving left open so teams can personalize the space by adding their own objects and artwork.

welcoming teams back to the office
How is it working? Since the new workplace opened in July 2022, Atlassian has seen strong utilization for Intentional Office Gatherings by their global and regional teams. In addition, they have about 200 employees using the site daily for focus work, local team collaboration, social and wellness activities.