Rebuilding Community, Together

Atlassian Austin Office

Austin, TX

Team Anywhere

Amidst a global pandemic, Atlassian’s new Austin office inspires connection. With a people-centered approach, adaptable spaces support an uncertain future of distributed teams and hybrid work. Open spaces cater to group work and collaboration, integrated technology keeps employees connected, and engaging amenity spaces encourage social interaction.

Unique Destinations

The wide spectrum of flexible workspaces, focus rooms and amenity areas empowers workers to curate their own day-to-day journey. A mix of destination character creates variety, and fun elements such as a music-inspired coffee bar and game room with secret bookcase door add moments of surprise and delight.

Social and Cultural Hub

Atlassian’s priority is to create a safe and inviting space for all employees. Wellness areas, parent rooms, ablution space and all-gender restrooms embed equity throughout. To honor context and community, the team engaged a variety of local BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists, creators and vendors, creating an authentic character true to context and community.

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