Action Steps Towards Carbon Positive Housing


My Green Building Conference + Expo

Los Angeles, CA


Mary Telling, Logan Kelley, Damian Possidente

Date & Time:

05.18.2023 | 2:00 pm–3:00 pm

This session seeks to inspire and empower real estate professionals from across sectors to take steps towards equitable decarbonization through actionable recommendations based on data and experience on the ground. The presentation will incorporate four affordable housing case studies that are built examples of lower embodied and operational carbon strategies, including Casa Adelante 2060 Folsom and Casa Adelante 681 Florida.

Join Mithun associate principal Mary Telling and senior associate Logan Kelley for “Action Steps Towards Carbon Positive Housing: As We Move Into Our Fossil-Fuel-Free Future, How Can We Ensure Everyone Benefits?” to explore design and motivations in these groundbreaking projects as well as other initiatives to pursue equity and decarbonization.

Mary and Logan’s co-presenters are ZC Sustainability partner Glen Boldt and Raimi & Associates principal Walker Wells. Mithun associate principal Damian Possidente will moderate the discussion.

Date Posted: 05.18.2023