Schools: Active Learning, Passive House


Passive House Accelerator LIVE! Project Showcase

Online Event


Daniel Swaab, Brendan Connolly

Date & Time:

09.20.2023 | 12:00 pm Pacific Time

The Bush School’s New Upper School building and landscape serve as a learning laboratory, maximizing natural light and healthy materials, conserving water and energy, and incorporating green stormwater systems. The structure utilizes mass plywood decking and panels to reduce embodied carbon and optimize construction efficiency. Key aspects include how the parent community strongly advocated for a building designed to address our climate crisis, and how the budgeting was set up so that Passive House design was a protected resource that could not be reduced or value engineered out of the building.

Join Mithun principal Daniel Swaab and partner Brendan Connolly, together with PAE Regenerative Design Group leader David Mead, for “Schools: Active Learning, Passive House” to hear about the community vision, rigorous design process and built results. Audience questions are welcome!

Date Posted: 09.20.2023