The Codes We Want


The Passive House Network Conference

Denver, CO


Mike Fowler

Date & Time:

09.28.2023 | 9:30 am–10:45 am

Building codes, energy codes and various regulations can hinder or assist in making Passive House projects, and inform the development of new codes and regulations. Find out the paths taken and the search for the codes we want in making Passive House successful.

Join Mithun sustainability integration leader Mike Fowler and Dattner Architects director of sustainability Shefali H. Sanghvi for “The Codes We Want: How Codes and Regulations Can Support Passive House,” to explore the role that codes and regulations play in the design and construction of Passive House building, as well as strategies to close the gaps between current code requirements and Passive House performance.

Passive House BB principal Bronwyn Barry will moderate the discussion.

Date Posted: 09.28.2023