Casa Adelante Case Study


California Low Carbon Concrete Roundtable

San Francisco, CA


Logan Kelley

Date & Time:

12.07.2023 | 9:00 am–9:45 am

Why is addressing embodied carbon in the built environment important? What steps can the developer, architects, engineers, contractors, manufacturers, and policymakers take to reduce the embodied carbon of concrete? Join us for a morning of education, discussion, and networking to explore the current state of the market and identify opportunities to collaborate on implementing low-carbon concrete solutions.

Mithun senior associate Logan Kelley will present “Casa Adelante Case Study,” to share replicable approaches for achieving carbon goals through technical insights, systems design and healthy materials. This opening session will delve into Casa Adelante at 681 Florida, a nine-story, Type IB concrete affordable housing building that is fossil fuel free with an EUI that meets the 2030 Challenge.

Date Posted: 12.07.2023