Schools: New Codes, Health and Resilience


A4LE Washington Chapter Presentation

Auburn, WA


Mike Fowler

Date & Time:

03.19.2024 | 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

What will your next school need to do to meet the new Washington state energy code? Are you prepared? Hear from local experts who have contributed to the updates explain the changes and what to expect. This panel discussion will address indoor air quality, the new MERV-13 requirements and heat resilience requirements coming from the Department of Health, as well as grants and funding opportunities available to schools.

Join Mithun senior associate Mike Fowler for “Schools: New Codes, Health and Resilience” to learn about a change in the state mechanical code that supersedes ventilation requirements in the latest Washington Sustainable Schools Protocol criteria. The presentation will address the amount of outdoor air exchanges and maximum CO2 levels recommended for student health, as well as strategies to support thermal comfort resilience during extreme heat events.

Additional presenters include Hargis energy services senior associate Michael Baranick, Hargis mechanical principal Brian Cawley and Glumac vice president and mechanical engineer Joshua Checkis.

Date Posted: 03.19.2024