Improving Passive Survivability in Multifamily Buildings During Extreme Heat Events


27th International Passive House Conference

Innsbruck, Austria


Mike Fowler

Date & Time:

04.05.2024 | 1:30 pm–1:55 pm CEST

Extreme heat events are becoming more frequent and more severe, increasing the occurrence of heat-related illness and death. Much of this risk is attributed to overheating in multifamily dwellings, particularly in neighborhoods with abundant asphalt, few trees and limited financial resources.

Join Mithun associate principal and sustainability integration leader Mike Fowler for “Improving Passive Survivability in Multifamily Buildings During Extreme Heat Events.” Mike will present published, peer-reviewed research incorporating the extreme heat data recorded from the June 2021 Pacific Northwest heatwave, investigating the extent to which passive cooling strategies and natural cooling (in some cases with fan assistance) could diminish the number of hours in which indoor heat index levels exceed extreme caution, danger or extreme danger thresholds. The same methodology was used to analyze the September 2022 California heat wave for a multifamily project in the San Francisco Bay Area and how the Passive House standard can dramatically reduce overheating health risks during an extreme heat event.

Mike will be presenting during the “Passive House Projects in Challenging Climates” session, which will feature speakers from Lithuania, Canada, Spain and Tawain. Additional conference information is available at the link in the paragraph above.

Date Posted: 04.04.2024