Chatham University Eden Hall Campus Tour and Luncheon


EcoDistricts Research Forum

Richland Township, PA


Sandy Mendler

Date & Time:

11.03.2019 | 11:00 am-1:00 pm

Join us as we set the stage for the EcoDistricts Research Forum with a tour of Chatham University’s Eden Hall Campus, an experiential living-learning environment built from the ground up as a sustainable campus. In the four years the campus has been operational, the innovative building systems have been tested and many lessons learned. At the same time, a distinct culture is emerging, engaging new thinking about collaboration and campus governance.

The tour will be followed by a farm-to-table luncheon in the Barazzone Center and a presentation by Mithun principal Sandy Mendler and Peter Walker, dean of Chatham’s Falk School of Sustainability, about the unique role of campuses in catalyzing positive change. Guests may stay for the Research Forum or not, as their schedule allows. Click here for registration and shuttle information.

Date Posted: 11.01.2019