A Fresh Start in SOMA

1036 Mission

San Francisco, CA

A Sense of Home

1036 Mission Street introduces new housing for low-income families and formerly homeless individuals in San Francisco’s rough SOMA West neighborhood. The c-shaped building wraps around a serene second level courtyard that provides protected play space for children and abundant daylight to common areas, corridors and units.

Animating Community

At the ground floor, a wide processional corridor washed in sunlight from a forty-foot skylight in the courtyard above links handsome common spaces and amenities. The sequence of spaces terminates in a community room facing a newly animated and landscaped alley behind.

Responding to Context

To fit comfortably among the much older and smaller neighboring buildings, the nine-story volume is articulated into vertically proportioned segments reinforced by changes in color on all building facades. Retail space and public art at the residential entrance contribute to the lively streetscape on Mission Street.

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