A Good Neighbor

Sansome and Broadway Family Housing

San Francisco, CA

Defining a New Future

Sansome and Broadway Family Housing completes the neighborhood repair started by Broadway Family Apartments, transforming freeway ramp sites into affordable housing in the heart of San Francisco. With its central location, supportive services and rooftop gardens, the building introduces low-income tenants to healthy, sustainable urban living.

Maximizing Outcomes

A stepped cross-section provides daylight for a rich program of services on the narrow, block-long site. With meticulous attention to context and program, the design achieves a density of 150 units/acre together with shared spaces that accommodate frequent community events.

Permanence and Dignity

The building responds to its location at the junction of historic building patterns—large historic warehouses to the east and small buildings stepping with the slopes on the other sides. The design communicates a sense of permanence and dignity that confirms residents’ place in the neighborhood and city.

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