Welcome to the Family

Gateway Rising

Menlo Park, CA

Expanding a Community with Deep Roots

Gateway Rising is the next chapter for a community managed by MidPen Housing for decades in the heart of Silicon Valley. The four-story structure replaces 82 aging garden-style apartments from the 1960s with expanded residential capacity, outdoor spaces and shared amenities on a narrow site nearly a quarter-mile long.

Coming Together through Gathering and Play

Increasing density on the site enabled the creation of generous outdoor spaces, including a children’s playground and courtyard with barbeques adjacent to the community room. Gathering spaces are distributed throughout the building and site to encourage daily use and cultivate chance encounters—bringing together residents of all ages and fostering a shared sense of community.

Investing for Future Generations

The project welcomed back all existing residents plus 58 new families, expanding affordability in a neighborhood with rapidly escalating housing prices. Sustainable design strategies bring similar long-term thinking to ecological, energy and water performance, earning LEED Gold certification.

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