Gateway and Refuge

Live on Sunset

Los Angeles, CA

The Place to Be

Situated at a critical intersection on the Sunset Strip, this hillside mixed-use project is designed as both a gateway and a refuge to create a lively and engaging street presence on Sunset Boulevard.

Green Screen

The building provides a foundation for the green terraces, pools and arbors that shelter the condominiums above. Rising from the entry level, a hanging tropical garden provides a dramatic backdrop for inward-facing dwellings and an active reservoir of cool, oxygenated air. The extensive layer of shade structures, attention to solar control and green roofs combine to deliver resident comfort and exemplary energy efficiency.

Contextual Response

Street-level shops and digital fascia resonate with the extravagant character of the Strip, while set-back apartments capture distant views of the Los Angeles basin. Reflecting collaboration with building officials and city council, the project successfully meets the objectives of the Sunset Specific Plan, and reinforces the pedestrian nature of the Strip.

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