Neighborly Infill


Portland, OR

Complementary Pair

Heartline is comprised of two complementary buildings that relate to contrasting parts of the evolving Pearl District, and are joined by a new public courtyard. The brick-clad low-rise is a modern interpretation of historical industrial buildings to the south, while the sleek, glassy residential tower relates to a taller context to the north.

Activity and Amenities

The block’s new programs—retail and offices in the low-rise, and residences in the tower—bring dynamic, 24/7 activity to the neighborhood. Amenities like a bike club, entertaining kitchens and rooftop terraces encourage people to gather and engage in shared interests.

Inviting the Neighborhood

To enrich the pedestrian experience, street-level retail in the low-rise spills out onto raised retail “docks” similar to historical loading areas in this post-industrial district. Dining spaces and bocce activate the courtyard, bringing neighbors together in this vibrant infill development.

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