Community-based Development

Mosaica Alabama Street Housing

San Francisco, CA

Innovative Mixed-use Model

Mosaica is a mixed-use block designed in collaboration with neighbors and stakeholders to support affordable housing and working-class jobs. The combination of four uses (low-income housing for seniors and families, market rate and below-market rate condos and commercial space) in one transit-oriented development is the first of its kind in San Francisco.

Seamless Neighborhood Fit

Mosaica fits seamlessly in this mixed industrial and residential neighborhood. Housing units surround a network of mid-block open spaces. A new alley bisects the site through portals in the perimeter of the block, and is lined with commercial space for local artists and businesses.

Brownfield to Green Block

The former truck depot was transformed into a vibrant, green development with highly efficient MEP systems, recycled and non-toxic materials and 75% construction waste diversion. Renewable energy comes from a 109.7 kw roof-mounted photovoltaic array, the largest residential installation in San Francisco when constructed.

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