Realizing the Benefits of Growth

NE 85th Station Area Plan and Code

Kirkland, WA

Shift To People-Centered Places

The station area plan transitions the auto-centric environment into vibrant, walkable districts and creates last mile connections to bus and regional trails. Deeply rooted in the history of the land and people, NE 85th is envisioned as a place to spend time with a lively public realm and more equitable access to opportunity for local workers and residents.

Inclusive Growth

A more compact, urban form of development can meet community needs through innovative urban design and community benefits strategies. A phased infrastructure strategy supports public projects, while baseline requirements and incentive zoning help realize affordable housing, education and benefits through development.

High Performing District and Public Realm

A green network and boardwalk trail supports ecological assets like Forbes Lake and salmon-bearing streams. By addressing both public realm with street types and private realm, the Form Based Code helps coordinate improvements and boost environmental performance. A Green Innovation district encourages high-performance development, a Green Factor code for integrated green infrastructure, and opportunities for district energy, stormwater and resilience hubs.

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