Intentional Design for Health Outcomes

Mariposa Healthy Living Tool

Denver, CO

Applied Research with Design Thinking

The Mariposa Healthy Living Tool is an evidence-based guide to integrate health into real estate. Mithun developed it for Mariposa Redevelopment where health is part of all decisions – from planning to property management. Using design thinking, Mithun translated public health research and methods into an accessible, integrated process for developers and designers to baseline indicators, prioritize, and implement project strategies for wellbeing.

The Good Life

Mariposa’s intentional health-promoting design elements and programs are dramatically improving residents’ quality of life. Community members have logged thousands of hours in walking groups, activities, and nutrition education, and describe a sense of belonging. Since moving in, they report losing significant weight and no longer needing maintenance medication.

A Game Changer

The Tool, available online here, is a open source best practice published by Center for Active Design, CDC, and HUD. It transformed Denver Housing Authority’s practice, and is also inspiring developers and designers nationally.

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