Urban Campus Housing

Portland State University Stephen Epler Hall

Portland, OR

Integrated Space

Stephen Epler Hall creates a balanced blend of student resident spaces over a shared ground floor of academic classrooms and faculty offices. The design optimizes available development density with micro-studios and shared indoor and outdoor spaces that meet the university’s sustainability and financial goals.

Smart Systems

The project utilizes a range of sustainable energy and water systems, including natural ventilation, stack-effect chimneys and heat recovery to reduce energy demand. Stormwater reuse for flushing and irrigation allowed the university to significantly reduce Portland infrastructure development fees, and reduces ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

Life at the Campus Edge

Epler Hall resides at the urban ecotone between PSU’s campus and the city fabric of Portland. The project’s thoughtful arrangement of indoor and outdoor spaces respond to this shared context – supporting social gathering and interaction with the public realm, while also ensuring student safety and connection back to campus.

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