The Heart of West Campus

University of Washington Lander Hall

Seattle, WA

Celebrating Student Life

Transparency at the street level and corner lounges of this mixed-use residence hall celebrate student activity and animate the pedestrian experience. Views through expansive windows invite students and the public into the five-venue dining center and student resource desk for the burgeoning West Campus.

Cultivating Community

From two-story lounges that unite floors, to the Chef’s Table and central courtyard, Lander Hall features a diverse collection of gathering spaces that catalyze individual and community development – essential to the identity and academic success of first-year students. 

Integrating Campus and City

Lander Hall is one of three residence halls designed by Mithun to replace two mid-century residential towers that blocked vehicular and pedestrian flow across the neighborhood. This reintroduction of the city grid with distributed amenities creates street-level mixing between buildings and a renewed sense of place at the intersection of campus and city.

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