Remaking History

Robert Frost Auditorium

Culver City, CA

Honoring Legacy

Beloved by student performers despite the challenges of mounting a show, the Frost Auditorium had not kept pace with changes in technology and audience expectations. After an intensive analysis with school faculty and theater experts, a plan was proposed to fully utilize the potential of the historic building while honoring its architectural legacy.

Refined Acoustical Experience

Due to the delicate nature of the thin-shell concrete structure and to reduce cave-like echoes in the building, the design surrounds the auditorium with lightweight sculptural forms that combine acoustical attenuators suspended from the pleated concrete roof with air supply outlets projecting from the walls.

High Performing Stage

The new design features a 40-foot-high, 9000-pound sweeping steel proscenium arch that spans the stage to support new theatrical catwalks and lighting equipment. With a new larger stage, enhanced performance qualities and back-of-house facilities, the resurrected Frost enhances high school performance capability and invites community use to re-animate its one-of-a-kind concrete shell.

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