Science Takes Center Stage

Seattle University Jim and Janet Sinegal Center for Science and Innovation

Seattle, WA

Gateway to Innovation

Located at the primary campus entry, the new CSI building showcases STEM research and learning to students and the greater community. New state-of-the-art laboratories, classrooms and collaboration spaces augment current College of Science and Engineering facilities, expanding opportunities for scientific exploration and learning.

Growing a Diverse Science Community

The project breaks down academic silos and makes STEM relevant to the entire campus population by integrating the disciplines within an inviting, student-centered hub for gathering, hands-on exploration and discovery. The new facility will be a magnet for talented faculty and for students pursuing STEM education.

Sharing Ideas, Realizing New Futures

The Center for Community Engagement, accessible directly from 12th Avenue, provides community outreach services and welcomes a broader audience to CSI’s mission. The Computer Science Project Center and mentoring rooms will host joint programs and meetings with regional technology partners, building vital connection between industry leaders, university faculty and the next generation’s innovators.

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