Agile, Interdisciplinary Learning Hub

University Prep ULab

Seattle, WA

Students at the Center

The ULab is a foundational part of Mithun’s campus wide master plan for UPrep and is designed to ignite student agency, collaboration, creativity and leadership through interdisciplinary and project-based learning. At the center is a double-height upper school commons where students can study, socialize and gather as a community.

Inviting Change, Sparking Innovation

Distributed across the building’s three levels are agile learning environments of varied sizes with open circulation and breakout spaces—a flexible framework to support evolving teaching pedagogies and emerging curriculum for decades to come. Equipped with cutting edge technology, these dynamic spaces offer students hand-on, real-world opportunities, supporting the school’s commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship.

Enhancing Performance

Human health and environmental performance are advanced through daylighting and operable windows in all learning spaces and a rooftop PV array that is part of a highly efficient, all-electric MEP system. Careful grading and native plants, including a legacy cedar tree, seamlessly connect indoor-outdoor learning environments and contribute to the holistic, functional strategy for improving student well-being.

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